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  Addiction - Alcohol
  Addiction - Coffee
  Addiction - Tobacco
  Blood Pressure
  Bursitis, Tendonitis
  Depression - Anxiety
  Ear - Aches
  Ear - Hearing Problems
  Ear - Infections
  Excess Gas
  Eyes - Baggy
  Eyes - Cataracts
  Eyes - Glaucoma
  Eyes - Pink Eyes
  Eyes - Puffy
  Eyes - Strained
  Eyes - Vision Problems
  Feet - Athlete's
  Feet - Corns, Calluses
  Feet - Painful
  Feet - Smelly
  Hair - Dandruff
  Hair - too Dry
  Hair - too Oily
  Heart Disease
  Heart Palpitations
  Infection - Bronchitis
  Infection - Colds
  Infection - Influenza
  Infection - Laryngitis
  Infection - Sore Throat
  Infection - Urinary
  Infection - Vaginitis
  Infection - Yeast
  Insect Bites, Stings
  Jock Itch
  Joints - Arthritic
  Joints - Painful
  Menstrual Problems
  Motion Sickness
  Mouth - Breath Odors
  Mouth - Canker Sores
  Mouth - Cold Sores
  Mouth - Gingivitis
  Mouth - Toothache
  Muscle Cramps
  Nails Breaking
  Prostate Problems
  Runny Nose
  Sinus Problems
  Skin - Boils
  Skin - Bruises
  Skin - Burns
  Skin - Cuts, Scratches
  Skin - Eczema, Dermatitis
  Skin - Frostbite
  Skin - Pimples, Acne
  Skin - Psoriasis
  Skin - Rashes
  Skin - Sunburn
  Skin - too Dry
  Skin - too Oily
  Skin - Warts
  Skin - Wrinkles
  Stomach - Ache
  Stomach - Heartburn
  Stomach - Hiccups
  Stomach - Indigestion
  Stomach - Nausea
  Stomach - Ulcers
  Vericose Veins

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